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Matthew 6: 22-24


I have been spending the week thinking about the 'eye being the lamp of the body' passage and perhaps am ready to share a thing or 2 that I've learnt...

Like what Kevin and David has mentioned, I too see my mind as sort of a room through which either good or evil may be dwelling, depending on what my comes into my mind through my eye and also what goes out. There are 2 situations which I face where I can put His words into practice. Firstly, where there is darkness around me, where I know I am in an ungodly place amidst ungodly people, for example, if I go the disco one night and see the people around me dancing (half drunk) and some girls dancing dirty, I can take just 2-3 seconds to close my eyes and repeat this verse in my mind, "The eye is the lamp of the body, when the eye is good, the body is full of light" and asked the Lord to shine His light in my mind that I may have the eyes to see the way He wants me to see things and radiate the light instead of taking in the darkness.

Or perhaps, when I have bad or sinful thoughts going on in my mind, once again I close my eyes and utter His words in this passage and ask that He removes these thoughts from my mind and when I open my eyes, His light will sort of come in to my mind and destroy these negative thoughts....

Well, that's the way its worked for me in the past week and it has been helpful. I'm reall glad to be taking the word of God, literally one step at a time....=)

Thanks for all your sharings everyone, its been encouraging to read them. Keep em' coming!

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