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Matthew 6: 22-24


To me, it like my whole life is like a house. And my eyes are the front door. So if I open my doors to the right people and right things to come in then what a wonderful time I would have in my house.

But imagine opening your front door to bad people and really evil things in life and inviting them in...what a havoc they will cause in my house.

I guess verses 22 & 23 teaches me be good/holy. To lead a righteous life, one that I am proud to show the world.

Living in darkness means that nobody would really know me as the shadows hide all the bad things in my life. That's when I will fall deeper and deeper into sin...

Just like growing fat. As I put on weight, I tend to hide the bulge with bigger clothes and never want to take them off...not even to go for a swim. Get depress over my weight and continue eating...It goes on and on until the problem is brought into light. Then help arrives!

Hmmm, why then live in darkness?? One might say that it's fun...get to do all the naughty things. But I guess the darkness will consume me at the end. No God, no treasures in heaven...nothing! Now that's scary.


This morning while reading a passage from Luke 10:38-42 (the story of Jesus at Martha & Mary's house) Martha was very busy preparing a lot of things and had no time for the Lord. Mary on the other hand sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him. And Jesus said, whatever Mary has learned by listening to Him will never taken away from her.

I guess if we use all our strength and time running after material things on earth, or just working and working and working...we'll have no time for God. And we'll miss the opportunity of listening to the important things God is teaching us.

I think God is teaching me in Matthew 6:24 is that I should serve Him and be devoted to Him and love Him. Always try to listen as He know His will for me.

Seek God first and all the wealth will be added into my life. Simple isn't it? Then why do I still sometimes still chase after worldly treasures and have so little time to give to God? I think it's time for a change!

Truth: Serve, love and devote myself to God and I will be rich.

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